Dual Core & Def Con on BBC News

Now that was unexpected…

The BBC opened their coverage of this year’s Def Con hacker conference with Dual Core! Namely, footage of eighty doing live raps in Vegas, and a quote from All The Things.

Check out the video & article on the BBC website.


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Las Vegas Shows

It is time for the annual pilgrimage to Vegas.  You may have seen me talk about reducing the number of shows on the Defcon documentary, and never being able to do so.  This year I finally lightened the load.  Here is the official show schedule (unofficial and impromptu appearances not listed):

  • Wed: BSidesLV; 1:00AM @ Tuscany
  • Thurs: EFF; VIP session @ Rio
  • Fri: Defcon; 10:00PM @ Rio
  • Sat: 801; 10:00PM @ Rio
  • Sat: 303; 12:00AM @ Rio

You can also catch me in the vendor area at Defcon and randomly bouncing between parties.  Be sure to also catch my rap friends ytcracker and MC Frontalot as they will also be doing the raps.  Hope to see you in Vegas!


PS: Unfortunately c64 can’t make it to Vegas this year, but hopefully he will be there next year with a new Dual Core album (as soon as I get everything written and recorded).

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AfterLife Party; San Francisco, CA

Come start RSA the right way — with Dual Core!  We are playing the AfterLife party presented by CyberUnited.  Here are the details:

AfterLife Party

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