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Following on from eighty’s post about The World is Yours, here’s another Pete Rock-produced slice of classic hip hop. CL Smooth on the rhymes, Pete Rock on the beat. From the 1992 album Mecca and the Soul Brother.

They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) is one of the first hip hop tracks I remember ever hearing. Doing the maths, I must’ve been around 9 years old.

Little did I know at the time, but the panned horn samples, filtered bass and crusty drums that I heard on some evening radio show would subconciously stick with me for another 10 years, when I found out the title of the song (thanks internet), and tried emulating the beats. I’m still trying.

Pete Rock was the first hip hop producer that I heard using the Low End Theory technique – filtering out a bunch of mid to high end frequencies in a sample to create a bass line. And in turn, leaving a nice gap in the higher end of the mix for vocals, horns, percussion, goat sounds etc. I truly love this technique. And now that I’ve mentioned it, you’ll might spot it in numerous Dual Core tracks.

23 years after its initial release, I still believe that hip hop doesn’t get much better than ‘T.R.O.Y’.

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– c64

Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Posted February 26th 2015 by c64 in #TBT, History, Music, Throwback Thursday, Video