/Hearing for the Deaf

I absolutely love creating and listening to music.  Despite frequently wearing ear plugs at shows and concerts, my hearing has degraded somewhat over time, and I’m sure that at some point in the future I will need some assistance to be able to hear correctly.

Fortunately medical science has progressed significantly over the past several decades and we now have options like hearing aids and cochlear implants to help our non-robot bodies.  Unfortunately some people cannot undergo a cochlear implant for various reasons.  Our awesome friend Great Scott has been working on sensory augmentation for his PhD.  His advisor recently gave an outstanding TED Talk:

Improving our lives through technology and the intersection of the virtual and physical worlds have always been interesting subjects to me.  This research, along with the aforementioned improvements in medical science, makes me so excited for how we will make life better for future generations.  The additional benefit of learning more about how we learn is such a cool bonus multiplier.  Science is great.

For a more direct Dual Core music tie-in, I’ll leave you with an embed of our song Painting Pictures.  Have an awesome weekend!

Posted March 27th 2015 by eighty in Computing, Music, Video