/Metasploit Song

We unveiled the official Metasploit song at the Rapid7 party this year at RSA.  Metasploit is one of, if not the, most widely used tools in the hacker community.  I personally have been using msf since it was coded in Perl (hint: it was overhauled in Ruby years ago).

The song is called Mastering Success and Failure (msf) and is free for download in multiple formats:

You can find more free songs, including this one, on our non-album tracks page.  As always, our albums are available from iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

We would like to thank Rapid7, the Metasploit team, and everyone at the parties in San Francisco for making this such a fun experience 😀


Posted February 19th 2011 by eighty in Dual Core News, Music