Dual Core has released five full length albums; All The Things (2012), Next Level (2009), Lost Reality (2008), Super Powers (2007) and Zero One (2007). The group have also been a part of numerous collaborations.

All The Things (2012)

All The Things is the latest and quite possibly the greatest Dual Core album, released in August 2012. Alongside int eighty's refined vocals and c64's varied production, All The Things features guest appearances from hip hop heavyweights Remington Forbes, Blueprint, Tribe One, More or Les, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu and Dale Chase.

Dual Core - All The Things 2012

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Next Level (2009)

2009 brought the release of the awaited fourth Dual Core album, Next Level. The album features a bolder sound which highlights both int eighty's clever lyrics and c64's heightened sense of sound. Next Level has received praise worldwide for its sharp sound and continued innovation. Along with appearances from nerdcore hip hop superstars MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Beefy, ytcracker, Schaffer the Darklord, and Random, Next Level also celebrates the return of Remington Forbes to the microphone. Next Level is a complete listen from start to finish.

Dual Core - Next Level 2009

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Lost Reality (2008)

Lost Reality is the anticipated third release from Dual Core. The album features a refined sound which highlights c64's musical talents. Rapper int eighty tones his writing and vocals to match the feel of the tracks. Along with appearances including nerdcore behemoths Wheelie Cyberman (formerly of Optimus Rhyme), Beefy and ytcracker; Lost Reality presents the listener with a full album of solid listening enjoyment.

Dual Core - Lost Reality 2008

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Super Powers (2007)

In August of 2007, Dual Core caught audiences by surprise with the release of a second album, entitled Super Powers. This time, int eighty and c64 teamed up to produce songs based on the themes of superheroes and supervillains. The compilation features nerdcore super artists Beefy, MC Wreckshin, ytcracker, and ZeaLouS1.

Dual Core - Super Powers 2007

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Zero One (2007)

Zero One is the album that started it all. Seventeen tracks, over seventy minutes of music. Featuring the single Hostage Down, the Zero One album became an instant hit. Dual Core received media coverage in the US and UK and launched on to the scene. As with all Dual Core albums, Zero One is available in MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC and FLAC formats.

Dual Core - Zero One 2007

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Dual Core frequently collaborate with other artists in the worlds of hip hop, nerdcore, electronic and alternative music, with guest appearances on numerous projects.

Int eighty and c64 have so far enjoyed contributing guest vocals, beats and production work to albums by Beefy, MC Frontalot, ytcracker, Dale Chase, The Grammar Club, Random AKA Mega Ran, MC Lars, Adam Warrock, The Thought Criminals, DJ Great Scott, Frid and more.