Maker Faire, Bay Area

San Mateo, CA – May, 2012

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Notacon 6

Cleveland, OH – April, 2009

Notacon crowd In the crowd (on the left) Chris puts Al in sleeper hold

Indianapolis with Shael Riley and MC Plus+

Indianapolis, IN – March, 2009

LOL Aurora Borealis After the freestyle

Cincinnati with Shael Riley

Cincinnati, OH – March, 2009

Phenomenal crowd :] Energetic crowd Shael Riley and Ricky up front

ShmooCon 5

Washington DC – February, 2009

Moar BFF The show was in a church Wewt!

Live on Norse Code Radio

Highland Heights, KY – November, 2008

Norsecoderadio3 Beth and Kaira YOUUU

DeKalb with Frontalot, Lars, and ytcracker

DeKalb, IL – November, 2008

Eighty and folks from the front row Frontalot ytcracker Amy and eighty

Chicago with Frontalot, Lars, and ytcracker

Chicago, IL – November, 2008

Eighty and Magik Ohio family HOBO

Bowling Green with Frontalot, Lars, ytcracker

Bowling Green, OH – November, 2008

On ur stagez rapping ur lyrics We consider the possibleness of this Nerdcore could really rise up


Nashville, TN – October, 2008

Welcome to Phreaknic Phreaknic Domokun


Dayton, OH – October, 2008

Smile for the camera Eighty is a rapper O rly Ya rly

Ohio Linux Fest

Columbus, OH – October, 2008

Raise your hand if Om nom nom nom Awesome fans

Con on the Cob

Akron, OH – October, 2008

Con on the Cob Con on the Cob

Toorcon X

San Diego, CA – September, 2008

Toorcon eighty and CMOS NOC at Toorcon

Defcon 16

Las Vegas, NV – August, 2008

Welcome to Defcon [1] Jackalope eighty and Heidi

The Last HOPE

New York, NY – July, 2008

eighty and Gwen Cold Heat, vom, Craig, and Mike Friends


Orlando, FL – July, 2008

Myf is awake Rapping Listening party

Penguicon 6.0

Troy, MI – April, 2008

xkcd Nurses eighty and The Great Luke Ski

WVU Institute of Technology

Charleston, WV – April, 2008

aka MTV Unplugged Hostage Down! Sounds good

Notacon 5

Cleveland, OH – April, 2008

Main stage, Friday night Back once again eighty rapping at the Blockparty

ShmooCon 4

Washington DC – February, 2008

Keep the crowd going every time we perform ShmooCon I rooted those boxes

Ohio LinuxFest

Columbus, OH – September, 2007

Cipher Punks Fans Sweet temp neck tat

CCC Camp

Berlin, Germany – August, 2007

Bodyguard c64 eighty I can haz data CCC

Defcon 15

Las Vegas, NV – August, 2007

Cold Heat eighty id eighty RSnake Cold Heat eighty merch

Notacon 4

Cleveland, OH – April, 2007

eighty Anonomouse Remy Mouse Nikki Featured