ZeaLouS1, eighty, and Maja ZeaLouS1 and eighty freestyle YTCracker freestyle

Listening party You say something Yes freestyle

The freestyle session was epic Whoremoans freestyle Wheee

Rapping Random freestyle Random and eighty

One eye open Nina and eighty Myf is awake

Myf is asleep Myf freestyle More YTCracker freestyle

More Random freestyle More Epic1 freestyle MOAR freestyle

Look I am pointing and freestyling Listening Introductions

Hotel Hex Fun Watch out now

Epic1 freestyle eighty and ZeaLouS1 eighty, Wordburglar, and ZeaLouS1

eighty and Schäffer the Darklord eighty, Josh, and Z eighty and Funky49

eighty and colonP eighty and Chozo DP, Wordburglar, and eighty

Anthony, CoolWhip, Jose, eighty, and colonP

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