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Cipher Punks (ft Remington Forbes)

from Zero One by Dual Core

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Hey I'm int eighty, my memory's flash
They call us Dual Core 'cause we got twice as much cache (cash)

My freestyle is fast, and the synapses fry
Go to war with the flames like emacs and vi

Push through the Summer for the Winter green
Won't stand for delays like the Vista team

Microeconomics keep the cash flow typical
That's minimally visible to the astrophysical

My brain is a structure explodin novas
That's tougher than clusters of openmosix

Execute kiddies who know they can't hang
Change mode plus x (chmod +x) and start with a shebang

Here's the process sir (processor) // I don't mean to be over the top
I burn you when my internal speed is overclocked

My kernel is 2.6.19, my appearance is quite clean
I just gotta choose the right theme

The light's green which means i got a connection
Flows move through the air like wireless reception

You can't capture what this kid spits with kismet
Each packet i send is encrypted with trip-des (3DES)

And I'll keep flowin til the light goes off
You get a virus-cough, you kids are microsoft

And I'm hard like openbsd internals
Excuse me, I need to make a call to the kernel

Tapped the NSA and listened to two calls
My blue box left AT&T with blue balls

Iced the cold calls telemarketers scared of me
Disconnect signals. Reverse the polarity

Beat boxing melodies with twice as much energy
Y'all suck at double ups like rambus memory

Cipher inside, make it iso compliant
Lyin' to ident while hidin' disguises

Fiber and wires, retire the science
Broadcastin silence with a pirated license

Stand in defiance to triumph goliaths
Tyrants with sirens buryin iron giants

It's remy, these other kids try to compete
No hub-bub, but I still collide with the beat

Everybody's like "damn that kid rhymin is nice"
I'm like "damn how'd my browser turn from fire to ice?"

From a Fox to a Weasel, what I drop is lethal
Injecting your database with a shot of sql

This is not a sequel, you scream give me more
I'm old school like Coleco or Commodore 64

Remy spits the raw, you script kiddies are lame
Call me the WOPR, now "shall we play a game?"

No one can stop it, not even Matthew Broderick
This war game will end up atomic

It's evident the revolution is OS
I spit every 4 bits you can call my flow hex

This is no trick, i mean it's not-a-con
My flow is much faster than the cycles in tron

I get a syn from the beat, I have to respond
I send an ack for my rap, I don't pause too long

I get the final syn/ack, you'll see what's next
I leave your windows disabled with the blue screen of death

My brain matter's faster, I dream in clean rooms
With a checkmate on deep blue in three moves

Shut down their opening now I got em backin' off
Countered sicilian to overthrow Kasparov

Blastin off with a cash crop to jettison
Taste your own medicine or invent like Edison

Impress the president, split the dichotomy
With quickness, elliptic, curve cryptography

Plus quantum physics has the world surrounded
But I change the definition by talking about it


from Zero One, released April 27, 2007
Beatbox by Haiku


all rights reserved



Dual Core

International hip hop duo. Rapper int eighty and producer c64.

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